The state of video games…

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, what’s the deal with the video game industry?

It seems that every other game that comes out is either 3rd person action/shooter or 1st person shooter.

What happened to the good old days? The days when we could spend hours and hours on one mission of a good real time strategy game? Not to say that rts games don’t get made anymore, but a lot of them are generic and don’t require a lot of real strategy.

That’s just one thing I wanted to point out.

The next main subject of this rant, are space sims.

What happened to the space simulation genre? The last good space sim I played was Freelancer. Great game looked pretty and everything.

But, that’s still not the best space sim I have played. It was fun but repetitive.

Now, let’s move onto the glory days of space sims. Back when Lucasarts dominated the scene. Back to the days of X-wing vs TIE fighter.

That game was epic. Flying around in the cockpit of a small one man fighter, taking down the rebellion or the empire, depending on which side you choose.

This game, to this day has no equal.

Prior to this, was TIE Fighter. Regarded still as one of the best games ever made. Great story, graphics for its time, and replayability.

So now tell me, why is it, that with all these improvements in games, no one can make a comparable space simulator? It has been almost 15 years since those came out, and I still play them to this day. Surely someone in the gaming industry must realize there’s a whole genre that is lacking. Surely they see that if a quality space sim would be made, all of the people who played or still play XvT would give it a go.

So now, if you read this and if you know a developer or anyone else that works for a game development studio, please tell them to suggest a space simulator. And also, space sims don’t belong on consoles, they are games meant to be played with a joystick not a game pad.

That’s all for now.



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